FWD Progress Vol. 9

Wii Fit Plus BoxI haven’t gotten nearly as much done lately as I’d have liked to. I’ve been having health-related downtime, most likely caused by the weather getting cooler and was recently hit by a pretty bad cold bug, my first in a year. I’ve got quite a backlog building up as far as reviews to write, games to play for review and games to play just for fun.

Game Forward has been focusing on downloadable and handheld games lately and that’s unlikely to change any time soon, especially with the release of the PSP Go and the amount of iPhone/iPod Touch developers that contact us. One sure exception to that trend is Wii Fit Plus, I plan to do a traditional review and I’m definitely going to continue the Sit on It! experiment. Read More…

I’m not going to set too many long-term goals right now, because I get very upset when I’m unable to get stuff done, whether due to time or health constraints. On the positive side, Nathalie and I are both chipping away at some reviews right now and I was very excited to publish our 50th review recently. We also had the chance to check out a promising new motion technology being developed right here in Ottawa, which is exciting as well.

I’ve decided to put the reconstruction of Game Forward on hold, likely until after the holidays. As you probably know, we’re a two-person team and I simply can’t see myself having the time to get it done until then. Surprisingly, that’s all I have to say this time. I’m really trying to get my head back in the game and produce some new content and I need to get started!