Site Updates - August 2008 Edition

The Able Gamer LogoWe've been working hard around here the past couple weeks, even during our vacation. Nathalie and I have been focusing on getting original content up. We posted three reviews within the last week, and have another couple in the works as I type this.

Saw a pretty drastic drop in traffic this month, but it makes sense as we haven't been putting out the same volume of stuff as the last couple months. Still, we're well over 1500 unique visitors for the month and that makes me pretty happy.

As you can probably tell, I've added a rather large content rotator to the front page. This is something I've wanted since day one, so I'm very pleased to finally see it working. It'll come in handy once we finally get feature articles posted at a regular pace. Read More...

We're six months in to The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website project and I am finally satisfied with the core functionality of the site. I've got some back end cleaning up to do and I can never seem to get the archive looking right, but I think I've finally settled in. I don't plan on changing anything for a while.

Next up on my plate is getting a community built, mostly the ability for users to connect to each other. I will most likely have a small forum dedicated to online meetups as well. That's about it for now, but I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone for reading. Knowing you're out there makes the work worthwhile!