FWD Progress Vol. 7

EA Sports Active LogoIt’s been fairly quiet around here during the past couple of weeks and for once I’m okay with that. There is very little in the way of day-to-day news that is relevant to Game Forward coming out right now, so Nathalie and I are concentrating on producing feature content and reviews over the summer.  Right now, she is working on a piece about games that teach and promote literacy.

Games for Health came and went and I was somewhat surprised at the lack of new information to come out of the conference. Besides Re-Mission 2 being announced, it seemed like we’d already covered everything previously. It seems that the conference is more like a yearly summary of what’s happened  than a showcase of what’s coming up like a certain trade show that took place a couple of weeks ago. Read More…

I did however have the opportunity to do a phone interview a man that served as a panelist during a Games for Health session. Peter Christianson is the President of Young Drivers of Canada and I spoke to him about how cognitive fitness relates to driving and also about software they have incorporated into their driving instruction program called CogniFit. I really hope to have this interview/feature up next week. Mr. Christianson was very engaging to speak with and I think our readers will find what he had to say quite interesting.

As far as reviews go, we’ve got a few started. I’m passing Nathalie my detailed notes about Personal Trainer: Walking for her to add to and write up. We’re also using EA Sports Active enough that I’ll be able to write it up soon. It’s great, but some controller inconsistencies are really frustrating and the equipment changing really kills the pace of your workout.

In the world of more traditional games, I’m playing through both the Wii and PlayStation 3 versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game this week. Both are very enjoyable in their own right, but the PS3 version is plagued by a few technical issues and a sub-HD resolution. I’m also working through Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on WiiWare and of course, about 5 iPod Touch games at any given time.

Currently, as in today, I’m writing up a roundup of some recent retro remakes. I don’t really have the time to review the three titles separately, so I’ll be doing mini-reviews and comparisons of Adventure Island: The Beginning, Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure; all three of which are available on WiiWare. I intend for this or a download roundup to become a monthly feature.

Finally, I’ll be upgrading Game Forward in the coming weeks. I found a great new layout that I’m going to try out and hopefully I can get it together without too much downtime. I am no web designer, but I’m learning.