FWD Progress Vol. 6

E3 LogoWith E3 just around the corner, I find myself far less excited than in years past. Partly because there is less surprise involved thanks to leaked press assets and mysterious blog posts, but mostly because there is very little for Game Forward at the monstrous trade show, as I found out last year.

Though quite prevalent at GDC, subjects like serious games, game accessibility and educational software find very little exposure among tomorrow’s high-budget blockbuster titles and waves of fanboy hype. That’s not to say people involved with these subjects won’t be there trying to vocalize their message of course, I’m just not expecting a ton of fresh content to come out of the L.A. Convention Center and wind up as articles here. Read More...

If you are involved with a project you think would interest Game Forward and are presenting it at E3, but feel you may not get enough attention during the show, we’d love to hear from you and maybe help spread word of your project. We can be contacted here.

I will still be abusing my press access during the show, I get addicted to downloading press kits, screens, trailers and the like every year. In the next few days, I’ll be launching, which will primarily serve as an outlet for me to post more mainstream gaming news and media that interest my tastes specifically.  At heart I’m still a 12-year-old kid when it comes to my excitement about gaming and I’m sure I’ll find a few things to post to get that sub-site off the ground.

Recently I’ve been playing Punch-Out!! And have loved it so far, though I haven’t even touched the motion or Balance Board control options. I may or may not write that up in the next couple of weeks.  The same goes for Bionic Commando. With that title, I’m not quite sure where I stand. I like it enough to not be offended that they remade one of my childhood favourites, but there are some pretty serious flaws, including some accessibility issues. Come to think of it, I’m more likely to write that one up than Punch-Out!!, as we have very few Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 reviews published here.

One title we’ll be reviewing for sure is EA SPORTS Active. I’m very impressed with the game so far and it is without a doubt the best fitness software available on Wii. I plan on taking the game’s 30 day challenge before I write a review. I’ll also be doing a Sit On It! Feature, as many of the activities could be played and enjoyed by people who have little or no leg use. Time permitting I’ll also be doing a head-to-head comparison of the major fitness titles, including how they may benefit senior or physically disabled gamers.

Later today I’ll be picking up a copy of Personal Trainer: Walking for Nathalie to use and write up. She already walks quite a bit on her lunch hour, so this will be a nice compliment to that activity. I also loaded up our iPod Touch with a number of educational games and apps that Nathalie will be summarizing in a feature article.

Finally, I’ll be upgrading Game Forward a bit and tweaking the look in the next few weeks. Though I really enjoy seeing the finished product, web design is not my forte and I expect to have some CSS issues or missing files or something. I’ll be setting this up on a beta site, but don’t be surprised if you see Game Forward offline for a day or two.

And, as always, we’re looking for volunteer writers. Whether it’s for a one-time feature or helping to aggregate and post the never-ending stream of news articles that cross our desks, we’d love your help and contributions. Please see this article if you’re interested.