FWD Progress Vol. 5

Game Forward LogoGame Forward will be offline for some pretty heavy maintenance over the next few days.  I’m getting the site and all of it’s subsidiary sites out from under the old domain name that’s given me nothing but grief and sidetracked me from real work. It’s not an overly complicated project, but it’s a pretty big job for one guy to handle, so I’m probably looking at a full two days downtime beginning sometime between today (May 1, 2009) and Monday (May 4, 2009).

Besides that, I may update the way Game Forward looks a bit. I like the single-column blog look a lot, but feel like there’s a little something missing. I’m also looking for a style I can use across no less than three sites. Earth Forward is still set to launch over the summer and we’re still looking for some core people to help run it. Tech Forward however, will not see the light of day. There’s a recycling company by that name already. Instead , the tech section of Game Forward will expand and I will be launching in a few weeks. Read More… will be a more personal blog style site. I’ll mainly be writing about games still, but the more mainstream stuff that simply doesn’t fit at Game Forward. Plus I’ll be posting screens, trailers, etc. I don’t want my press access and assets to go waste too much. I’ll also be covering other things that interest me like gadgets, console modification, sports, music, animation and comics.

Game Forward has taken another volunteer writer into our little family. Ryan Straight is an American living in Taiwan that writes quite well and maintains a rather good blog of his own. Ryan has contributed a couple of news articles already and last time I checked he was working on a review for us too.

Andrew has recently discovered the RemoteJoy application for custom firmware enabled PSPs. The application allows users to hook up their PSP to a PC. The game is displayed on a PC monitor, but the real plus here is that it allows you to control your PSP with a USB game controller. Needless to say, this lifts a huge accessibility barrier for one-handed gamers like Andrew. He’s been really excited and testing out games like mad. When he resurfaces I’m hoping to get a blog out of him about the experience.

Nathalie has been chipping away at news stuff and has convinced me to change the way our article categories work. I’ve also got her playing Dr. Mario Express for review on the DSi.  Myself, I’ve started a review for OutRun Online Arcade and am currently playing Trixel on the iPod Touch. Both of these should be up early next week. I’m also playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Excitebots Trick Racing on the Wii. Still plugging away at Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout as well and hope to start refining my notes next week..

So I’ve definitely got enough to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading!