FWD Progress Vol. 4

Gold's Gym Cardio WorkoutBoy, I sure do have a tendency to get sidetracked. Since my last edition of FWD Progress, I decided that I wasn’t stretching myself thin enough with Game Forward and went ahead and purchased two new websites. Earth Forward will launch sometime this summer, likely in June or July. It will, as the name suggests, deal with issues facing our planet including the environment and socio-political concerns.

I don’t plan on writing much for Earth Forward, however I will act as Editor-in-Chief and Administrator for it. I plan on making it a more community-driven publication, allowing users to create content. We are looking for people interested in acting as Lead Writers, Copy Editors, Researchers and Community Moderators. I’ve piqued the interest of a couple friends, but we’re looking for a team of 3-5 volunteers to get Earth Forward off the ground. Please apply here if you are interested and don’t hesitate to tell your friends. Read More…

The other website will be called Tech Forward and dedicated to gadgets, the internet, phones and the like. This site will be more akin to Game Forward in that I’d like a small, closed team of people writing content for it. Though I really don’t expect Tech Forward to be live before late fall of 2009, I’d encourage those interested in writing to make This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us. Of course, we’re always looking to expand the Game Forward team as well.

I never seem to get done the things that I outline or plan on in these blog posts, So I’ve decided to take a more day-by-day approach. Partly because we’re a team of three and operating entirely out of pocket, we simply can’t get all the things done that I’d to like every week. I’m just going to keep playing stuff, chipping away at reviews and oking article subjects for Nat and Andy to write while trying my best not to get ahead of myself.

I’ve been playing Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout on Wii. I’m going to spend a good two weeks with it before I even take notes. So far though, it’s my favourite Wii workout game. It’s essentially a fast-paced boxing trainer. The title certainly gets my blood pumping, plus it’s actually fun and contains a 1988-esque MIDI rendition of Eye of the Tiger.

We recently got our Nintendo DSi and have taken to it quickly. I’ve already reviewed WarioWare: Snapped! (3/5) and plan on starting a hardware review when I’m done writing this post. Nathalie has been playing Aquia on it and I’ll be bugging her for a review of that soon as well.

As usual, I’ve a glut of iPhone/iPod Touch games to play. I love the thing, but really need to get some reviews for other systems up soon. I’m playing through OutRun Online Arcade on the Xbox 360 right now. The single player is as fun as OutRun ever has been, but the online is a completely buggy mess.

I’ve also been playing Rag Doll Kung Fu on the PS3 and have enjoyed it. Shame that it’s a local-only multiplayer experience though. Not really much else in the hopper or on the radar at this time, though Andy has emphatically said he wants to write up Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier when it releases in a couple of weeks.

Nathalie and I will be attending an IGDA Ottawa event next Monday, April 20. This one features Jonathan Bard of Ubisoft Montreal speaking about the sustainable development approaches he took as the director of the camera work in Prince of Persia. Not directly related to what we do at Game Forward, but it should be interesting and of course, it’s a great opportunity to network and hand out a few business cards.

Speaking of the IGDA, Nathalie and I are officially joining it as of today. I was waiting for the Canadian dollar to gain a bit of ground before shelling out the membership fees. Though this is something we’ve been discussing since last year, I’m excited to see what sort of opportunities may come out of it.

I’d like to remind our readers that we have a Facebook group that anyone is free to join and Nathalie and myself all use Twitter.