Playing, Reading and Writing

SwayReading and writing: Last week’s article on the future of virtual world games caused a bit of a stir. I will be exploring the subject further in an upcoming feature, which will discuss the important and growing applications of virtual worlds in training and work settings.

Thanks to some helpful Twitter networking (I am still amazed with the power of Twitter – you can check me out here), I have come in contact with the author of a book titled Virtual Worlds for Business, Nick Wilson which will certainly be of use. A free copy of the book can be downloaded online.

Tons of stories down the pipe – as usual. I am never sure how to get through them all, but I’ll figure it out somehow! Read More...

Playing: We’ve had the iPod Touch for about a month now and this weekend was my first opportunity to seriously get into some of its games. I started playing Sway, a bright and appealing vertical platformer. I also got the chance to check out the simple yet highly addictive Word Fu. Expect some reviews in coming days.

The place of iPhone/iPod Touch games in the industry is drawing attention left and right. Pricing, the easy access to products whose range is enough to attract a huge number of users makes it a killer platform. Some even believe it may be dooming the PSP.

“After the first start of the Apple Store in July 2008, more than 500 million applications downloaded,” notes this Apple iPhone blog. “Since January 2008 [pretty sure they mean 2009 - Brian] the average yield per day in the area more than 5 million, compared to 2.5 million during the previous month.”

Industry events: We’ll be keeping an eye on the upcoming 2009 Game Education Summit. Taking place June 16-17 in Pittsburgh, PA, GES will explore the latest in games scholarship and education. It promises to bring together academics, administrators and video games industry professionals to discuss the future of university and college game programs.