FWD Progress Vol. 2

NASCAR Kart RacingBi-weekly it is I guess. I’ve been busy in the last two weeks. I’ve been tweaking things around the site quite a bit. I rearranged the placement of the ads on the site in hopes of increasing our click count a bit. I also got some minor things done like centering the ads and donation modules. Minor, I know, but it was driving me nuts.

I managed to get reviews up for both Personal Trainer: Math and Ultimate Shooting Collection as planned and I snuck in a new iPod Touch/iPhone review for Symbol6, which I actually wrote the bulk of on my iPod Touch. The iPod Touch/iPhone reviews are proving to be popular. The games are easy to play and write up so I’ll be doing one or two a week from here on out. Read More…

I didn’t get around to The Maw as I had planned, but I may revisit it once all three “deleted scenes” are released. I’ve got two casual EA games on tap for the rest of the week; NHL 3-On-3 Arcade and NASCAR Kart Racing. I enjoy them both quite a bit, I was really surprised at how decent NASCAR Kart Racers turned out. My main focus this week though is completing a feature I’m writing about 7-128 Software.

I’m buying a bunch of iPod Touch games this week too with the hopes of getting a couple reviews out of them. I have my eye on Kern, Zombieville USA, Belowscape and Spheroids. The development community for the platform is very active on Twitter and I’m seeing new games and ideas pop up every day.

Readers may have noticed a new name on a couple of articles. We’re happy to have Andrew Monkelban contributing stories for Game Forward. To give you an idea of what Andrew is all about, check out this guest editorial he had published at Wired’s Game | Life. In addition to writing news articles, Andrew will also be reviewing software and hardware for us.

Nathalie decided to play SimAnimals and is chipping away at it in her free time. As usual, she’s busy collecting stories for me to look at and approve, researching and writing articles. I’ll probably start bugging her for that review early next week before I look for another title to assign her.

There’s not really much site stuff left to work on. I finally got the rest of the old articles transferred from The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website and got the old site shut down for good. I’ll be getting a content rotator up when I have a spare hour now that we have enough new stuff that I feel is feature-worthy. I'm still about a month or two away from getting our community installed due to budget reasons.