FWD Progress Vol. 1

Ultimate Shooting Collection Title ScreenNow that Game Forward is up and rolling, I thought I’d start a regular bi-weekly (or monthly, I’m not sure yet) summary of what we’re working on around here. It’s pretty slow for regular news articles right now, so we’re focusing on reviews and features. Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far.

Personal Trainer: Math (DS). This one has much more in common with the Brain Age games than Personal Trainer: Cooking. The practice exercises and 100 Cell Method both work your basic math skills but I question its worth as a daily training application. I’ve already started my review.

Next up we have Ultimate Shooting Collection (Wii). This is a compilation of three SHMUP titles from Milestone, two of which never made it to North America. It’s essentially just some ROMs on a disc, but the package includes complete soundtracks and the ever popular TATE mode. Pretty much done playing it and I have the review outline done. Read More...

Though it is a bit late, I’ll be reviewing The Maw (XBLA). I played through it about a week ago and have my outline done. Though I like to get downloadable game reviews up a week or two after release at most, I also feel it’s good to be reviewing titles on every platform we have available to us; most of the software we cover is on DS and Wii.

After I get those out of the way I’m going to tackle this week’s WiiWare titles, Snowboard Riot and Lonpos; both of which I’m really enjoying so far. Snowboard Riot has Balance Board support, so I might do another Sit on It! experiment.

Nathalie is starting a few games this week. I’m getting her to play SimAnimals, Cate West and Jumble Madness on the DS. I’ll just ask her to focus on one and write that up once she’s had a chance to check them all out, she works really hard on getting day-to-day articles posted.

Besides reviews we’re working on a feature article about our friends at 7-128 Software right now, I hope to have that up in the next week or so.

There’s not much else on the go right now. I’m still getting the site tweaked to where I’d like it and I’ve had some help from our friend Chris Hogg over at Digital Journal in regards to some design and ad revenue stuff.

As far as site stuff, I’m working on maximizing the impact of our ads right now. I’m going to get my content rotator up in the next couple of days and I’m about 90 days away from getting JomSocial installed. I’ve got some really basic (to most people, not me) HTML and CSS stuff to figure out, but everything’s falling into place nicely.