What to do?

SimAnimalsTime to pick up another game for review, but I’m not sure where to start. Brian has a couple of DS titles lined up for me, including the new SimAnimals [also: Cate West and Jumble Madness - Brian]. I have already started it on the Wii and it seemed fun. I think I will play it on the DS instead, as the controls may work better for me on that platform.

I also have quite a few stories to write up, on health and education. It's exciting to see how much attention is given to that sort of information in the mainstream media nowadays.

What is also exciting is that Game Forward was picked up as a source for Google News. We had made this request in the past, but were initially rejected. It should take a couple of weeks for our content to start showing up. It will be a great surprise when I start receiving stories from Game Forward in my Google News Alerts!

Other than that, the site is doing pretty well. Keep on clicking those ads to support us