FWD Progress: Still Alive

A Puzzle from PushmoIt has been over a month since we posted an article at Game Forward, but we are not dead. Things have been hectic around here as we prepare for the arrival of our daughter and we simply haven't had very much time to check out new games and software, research story ideas or write.

We're getting close to being done with the prep work and have a month or so before the baby arrives, so I'm turning my attention back to my neglected baby, who incidentally turned four years old a couple weeks ago while I have the chance and hope to make the most of the time by writing some one-off news pieces, finishing off old projects and features and if I'm really lucky, rebuilding the site one more time. Read More...

FWD Progress: Growing but Scaling Back

Baby Forward at 12 WeeksThe Game Forward family is quite literally growing at an exponential rate. We haven't taken on new staff or rented a fancy office space, but Nathalie and I are expecting our first child in March 2012. We're happy and excited and of course a little bit scared, though this will mean some changes to the way Game Forward operates in the coming months.

First of all, our gaming budget will drop drastically as we prepare for the arrival of our child. I plan to move towards an all-digital format when it comes to game reviews aside from the odd retail title we were already planning on playing. And while I hope to continue writing hardware reviews, we simply won't be able to afford every peripheral that comes out any more. Read More...

FWD Progress: Change in the Air

Game ForwardIf you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve been working on an overhaul of the website for the past week or so. It’s going a bit slower than I expected for a variety of reasons, but I haven’t had any serious problems and more importantly I haven’t broken the current version of the site.

My ultimate goal is to make the site look a bit more modern, have it built on a cleaner, more optimized core and to make it more connected with social media. I will also be opening up the site to user registrations, either directly or using Facebook Connect. This will ultimately allow our readers to do things like mark favourite articles and interact with each other. Read More...