My Short Attention Span

Game Forward LogoAs you know, things have slowed down quite a bit on Game Forward since the beginning of the rebranding overhaul. As a consequence, I have also been slowing down on my writing and reporting of health and technology matters relating to video games. It has been a nice rest, but as we are getting closer to launch time, I am finding it hard to get back into the grove.

I have several stories on the go, some of which I have barely looked at in a week or two. My attention has been elsewhere: nowhere specific but a little bit everywhere. I find that this lack of attention is also manifesting itself in my gaming habits. I am uncertain when was the last time I picked up a game, since before the holidays. I even have one on the go for an upcoming review, which I have yet to finish.

I expect that my motivation will return once the site is fully up and running again. But in the meantime, things remain challenging.