Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Toronto Blue Jays LogoBrian and I are getting ready to go for our long-awaited baseball trip. We are both looking forward to seeing two games between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays, hopefully catch a home run, eat some hot dogs and yell at a few players. Taking the train to Toronto and back, we’ll have plenty of time to fill and plan on playing a while.

I will be starting into Zen Bound 2 on the iPod Touch. The first game was very cool and I had been looking for a basic puzzle game - something without a story or characters that can be picked up for brief interludes. I plan on reviewing it when we return. Read More...

Brian has more games on his agenda, including Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS, Helsing’s Fire and Dark Nebula 2 on the iPod Touch, as well as finishing off The Oil Blue on the PC. Aside from that, we’ll be contemplating ideas for new feature articles. Drawing a blank, I hope the vacation helps. This season is slower after all and news is scarce.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!