Step it Up

Stereo MCsIn an effort to alleviate by back, hip, knee and neck pain, I was fitted for prescription orthotics this week. Maybe fitted isn’t the right term actually. The technician had me walk across an electronic pad that measured the pressure of my steps and this information will be used to mould my inserts, which will take about two weeks.

I learned that I overpronate quite a bit and that I’m placing an unusual amount of pressure on my heels when  I shuffle along. Limping around for 30 plus years has certainly taken its toll on my body and I was surprised to learn that the limp is likely caused my weak/paralyzed muscles in my ankle and not a discrepancy in leg length as I had always thought. Read More...

The technician, who shares a name with a WWE performer, also suggested an ankle brace that “pre-loads” my ankle as I walk, reducing the likelihood of dragging my left foot as I walk; something that has retired many pairs of shoes before their time. The brace is usually used with stroke victims (which technically I am I guess) and is quite expensive. Hopefully, with custom orthotics and a physiotherapy regime, I can avoid braces like that for another 15 or 20 years and remain somewhat active without too much assistance.