Let's Get a Physical

Olivia Newton-John is Still HotI’m scheduled to go for a full physical exam this Friday (Aug. 21, 2009), my first in about five years. Frankly, it couldn’t come at a better time. I have been experiencing extreme pain and perceived weakness in my right (good) arm and leg for a while now and am looking forward to seeing a doctor in a non-rushed, walk-in clinic scenario.

Doctors usually just chalk up my pain to the fact that I’ve been limping and shuffling around off-kilter for 30+ years because of my Palsy. While I tend to agree with them, the pain has amplified quite a bit over the last year or so and I’ve had far more numbness and vertigo-like symptoms than ever before in that time. I think I may have one or more pinched nerves in my neck and back. Read More...

I’ve had X-Rays, CT Scans and an MRI that all came back “negative” for any major damage, so really what I’m looking for is some way to manage the pain I feel and hopefully a referral to an orthopaedist to see about some shoe inserts or maybe physiotherapy. I’ve never really done anything along those lines and besides my horrific experience with Baclofen a few years back, I’ve never taken drugs for my pain or Palsy either. I’d like to continue not taking pills because I’m afraid I’ll either become too reliant on them or have to take them for the rest of my life.

This is another pivotal time in my life and no matter how much work it takes I will come out of it stronger. I have so much to live for and a beautiful wife and cat that rely on me. I need to get back to the point of feeling strong and confident. I do not want to slip into depression like I did a few years ago.