Video Game Injury and Site Updates

The Able Gamer LogoYesterday afternoon, I started playing Helix; a new, arm-waiving rhythm game for WiiWare. It’s more like an air traffic controller simulation than dancing, but still kind of fun. It actually makes use of two Wii Remotes to track your arm movements. I’m very happy to see someone finally making a dual ‘mote game, but that’s beside my point right now.

Somewhere during the three or four songs I went through I threw out my left shoulder, or pinched something in my back. Hard to tell exactly, but it definitely hurts and I can’t lean to my sides or use my left arm very well. Funny thing is, it really started hurting after simply trying to grab something off the floor. Note to self – stretch before physical activity, even if it’s just dancing around your living room like an idiot. Read More...

It could have also stemmed from the six or so hours I put into Mario Super Sluggers on Monday. As soon as I’m able (no pun intended) I’ll be writing that up for review along with Helix (which has nothing to do with the band) . I may or may not get around to writing up Bionic Commando: Rearmed as well.  My oft delayed Wii Fit experiment is finally done except a couple of photos. I’m getting that up this week if it kills me. Nathalie’s going to check out the latest Harvest Moon title on the DS, as well as another fitness “game” Quick Yoga Training.