Site & Life Updates: Beginning of June Edition

The Able Gamer LogoIt just occurred to me that I haven't written a blog in a bit. Got my MRI results a week or so back. My (now former) neurologist informed me that they "didn't find anything abysmal", that the compression and degeneration in my neck is "normal" (for a dude with a mild palsy), and the pain/numbness happen because "that's just how I am".

It was both relieving and frustrating to hear at the same time. I know there's no tumors in there, but at the same time I'm still having major issues with gas getting stuck on the way up, and arms and other things going numb. I'll just keep dealing with it day to day. I'll be trying to get into a physiotherapy program over the summer, but for now I just gotta keep on gritting my teeth and fighting. Read More...

As for the site, I'll be doing a bunch of back end work this week. Stuff no one is likely to notice. I'm also working on a few reviews, at least two of which should surface this week. I've been using Wii Fit almost every day and it's far less frustrating than I thought it would be. The Wii Balance Board is a fantastic controller, the actual software could be miles better. I'm not sure If we'll end up doing a standard review, but I'll definitely have detailed impressions/complaints up later this week also.

I'm really going to focus on the original content from here on in and it'll keep me very busy for at least the next couple weeks. Between writing, actual gaming and housework I'll be pulling 40-60 hour weeks. That's a lot for me. I'm expecting a video capture card to arrive in the next couple days. Can't wait to get crackin' on some video reviews, previews and gameplay footage. I love learning new stuff.