Test Results

The Able Gamer LogoIf you check the site often, you'll see that Nathalie's been doing the bulk of work around here lately. I was pretty much sidelined last week from arm pain. Now that GTA IV is out, I'll be sidelined by killing virtual prostitutes for a week or so. Nathalie does a great job writing features for me, but it still feels empty without me posting trailers, screens, etc. Just a couple more weeks and I'll be back to normal.

I got some blood test results back, and I can finally rule out Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, so that's definitely a good thing. Just finding a doctor that took me seriously even though I look like a young healthy man helped a lot. I was feeling discriminated against for a while because I "don't look disabled enough" (no shit, doctors have said that to me). On the other hand I've got to wait another three weeks for the result of my MRI. Something or nothing, this is it. It's been a long and hard ride and I'm glad I'll finally know what's wrong (or not wrong) with me. Read More...

Comes at a great time for me, winter always makes me feel isolated, sad and even embarrassed. Being able to get out on my own in the warmth (well except this week :P) makes me feel great. I've got an old and dear friendship to rekindle and I finally feel like I can get out and be social again without having to worry or without having to be escorted by Nathalie or a friend. Although I'd rather they tell me I have something so that these past couple years don't feel like a waste, I'm surprisingly happy to hear that all of this may be "nothing", simply wear and tear from having spasms and walking with a limp my whole life.

So that's it. In three weeks time I'll be back to "normal", Nathalie got a raise so I'll no longer be collecting disability and I can start treating the site like a real business (hey you, click on the ad at the top, twice) and enjoy my summer for the first time in years. Thanks to everyone for all your help and understanding and for making me feel comfortable for the past few years. The next few will be better. I'm becoming more able every day