Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Toronto Blue Jays LogoBrian and I are getting ready to go for our long-awaited baseball trip. We are both looking forward to seeing two games between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays, hopefully catch a home run, eat some hot dogs and yell at a few players. Taking the train to Toronto and back, we’ll have plenty of time to fill and plan on playing a while.

I will be starting into Zen Bound 2 on the iPod Touch. The first game was very cool and I had been looking for a basic puzzle game - something without a story or characters that can be picked up for brief interludes. I plan on reviewing it when we return. Read More...

Feeling the Heat

The Weather Network Says it is Hot OutsideWhile I know to expect a flare up of joint pain and increased frequency and intensity of muscle spasms every year when the weather turns cool, I always seem to forget how hard Summer is on me until it hits me like a ton of bricks.

The onset of the hot and humid weather here in Eastern Ontario brings with it swollen joints and trouble breathing from environmental allergies. I’m not going to lie; the joint pain I feel today is enough to make me cry and something that even my beloved extra strength Motrin can‘t handle.

I know others have it worse and I certainly don’t want to complain, but I find writing it down helps me deal with the worst part of my pain; feeling more “disabled” and unproductive than my relatively mild Palsy could ever make me feel. Read More...

Quality Family Time

A Family Holding Hans on the BeachI must admit that I’m rather enjoying playing caregiver to Nathalie so far. We just got her home from getting her wisdom teeth out and she is resting comfortably. I thoroughly enjoyed collecting supplies, getting her antibiotic and pain prescriptions and renting a couple of mindless movies; partly, I guess because I was allowed to pick up a copy of Mass Effect 2 while I was out.

It’s not very often that we buy games for “ourselves” any more since we spend so much on software to review for the site. Nat took a week off and I am too. It’ll not only give me a chance to dive into a game I’ve been seething for, but also to catch up on some backlogged games like Demon’s Souls, Darksiders and after reading a buddy’s blog post earlier, I’m finally going to try and polish off Persona 4. Read More…