FWD Progress: Back in the Game

Portal 2 CoverWell, we finally got it done. After months of talking about it and incurring a few setbacks, Nathalie and I finally got the site rebuilt. I completely uninstalled the old core and built the current version of Game Forward from the ground up. I’ve still got some adjustments to make, but I’m pretty happy with the way it looks and runs so far.

Of course, the process of changing the look and functionality of the site is never as cut and dry as I’d like it to be and there were some really tedious things we needed to do by hand. This ate up the time we’d normally use to write, but we’re finally ready to get back to producing content. Read More...

I’ve started a review of Portal 2 for the PS3 and one for Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes as well. In addition to that, I will be doing some quick reviews and roundups of some back catalog titles we never got around to. Finally, I just started a feature article on the Theta Music Trainer program that I hope to have published during May.

I loved every second of Portal 2. The writing, acting, presentation and gameplay were all top-notch. I found it relatively easy, but did get stuck a couple of times. I have no doubt it will be in my top 5 games of 2011.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has a really solid puzzle-RPG concept and core gameplay, but about halfway through the 30+ hour story mode I’m finding it to get quite tedious. The game is broken up into five campaigns and makes you start from scratch at the beginning of each, so you’re essentially playing the same game five times with a different skin on it. And though the art is nice, the game is plagued by long loading times and onscreen information looks tiny on our 32 inch TV.

Nintendogs+Cats Shows Off the Graphical Power of the 3DSI’m currently playing Outland and Nin2-Jump on Xbox LIVE Arcade, as well as Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP on our iPod Touch.

Nathalie has been tending to virtual pets in Nintendogs+Cats for the 3DS and will be taking on Michael Jackson: The Experience for Kinect. She’s also keeping up on news stories as always.

I’ve helped her with Nintendogs+Cats a bit and while it is quite charming, there isn’t exactly a lot different from the original DS version. It does look great however and shows off the graphical capabilities of the 3DS better than any other game yet.

I played Pilotwings Resort when the 3DS launched and I just wasn’t feeling it. I found it to have little variety to the content and the camera was too close behind the planes which made the field of view seem small. The 3D effect is very good however.

Also on the 3DS, I’ve been chipping away at Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars when I get the chance. It’s certainly not a graphical showcase (it started life as a DS title), nor will it wiin any awards for its story. However it’s a very solid turn-based strategy game with light RPG elements that plays most like Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem games. I won’t be reviewing it, but definitely recommend it.

Nathalie and I hope you like the new look of Game Forward and thank you for your patience and continued readership during our downtime. We’ve got more than enough to keep us busy for the rest of May and of course E3 is just around the corner. It should be interesting given Sony’s recent security issues and the unveiling of the new Nintendo console code named Project Cafe.

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