FWD Progress: The Deluge of Information

Poncho Wearring Journalists are Introduced to KinectWell here we are again. For all intents and purposes, E3 2010 is under way. On Sunday, June 13 Microsoft herded members of the gaming press into a theatre in Los Angeles for the much-publicized premiere of the controller-free input method now known as Kinect. The event will be televised on Monday, June 14 and is available in Canada on Spike TV.

Judging by some of the reactions of those in attendance, including the apparent early departure of legendary producer Tomanobu Itagaki, Kinect will probably not be for everyone. Common complaints include the fact that software demos were pre-recorded and that the control method suffers from a significant input lag. Of course, I’m holding out hope and will reserve judgment until I can wave my own hands in front of it. I won't even comment on the "interactive ponchos". Read More…

I’ll be glued to my TV and laptops all week taking in what the gaming world has to offer. While Game Forward does not “cover” E3 or post tons of media during the event, I’ll be sure to post anything I come across related to the areas we are normally interested in, even if the news is a bit late. Nathalie and I are fans first and foremost and want to enjoy absorbing all the release lists, screenshots and videos that will soon be flooding my inbox.

I’ve got a bit of content to publish this week and hope to get some time to write up my frustrating experience trying to play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on our PSP Go. I’ve also got some site updates on the go and will hopefully be taking on a large, intimidating project that could turn out to be the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

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