I Have to Play and Write All That?

The Able Gamer LogoYou may have noticed that Nathalie's been writing the bulk of our content these past couple weeks. She's certainly keeping me posting and editing articles at a good pace anyways.

I've been working on more back-end stuff around here, getting ready for my "2.5" upgrade soon. Besides that though I've been playing quite a few titles for review. Depending on how my arms want to co-operate I plan on having 3-7 reviews go up in the next 10 days.

I played through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed last week. This and Lego Batman, which I'm working on now will be my first two "mainstream" reviews for The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website I've been punishing myself with Mega Man 9 on WiiWare all week, as well as another blood pressure raising title - WipEout HD. Rounding out the slate are two retail Wii titles; Wario Land: Shake It! and the quirky de Blob. Read More...

Nathalie also has a couple titles on the go on our trusty old DS Lite. My Chinese Coach is slowly teaching her to read and write in, well in Chinese...Mandarin I think. Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir looks like a decent adventure game from what I've gathered by looking over her shoulder.

The Access Controller was delayed yet again. eDimensional now says that they'll ship it on October 6. I have to say that trying to keep $150 free on our Visa to pay for this thing is becoming a real pain in the butt.

Going forward, I'm testing a great new social application for the site by the people that make the JomComment system we and many other sites use. Lots of Facebook style features to be found. I'm looking forward to getting that up and running. I really want community to be the focus as we enter our second year.