Obligatory "E3 is Coming" Blog Post

The Able Gamer LogoE3 is only a few days away. I've been preparing the site (and myself) for the onslaught of information that will be hitting all next week. I have no intention of trying to keep up with the "big boys" like IGN, GameSpot and 1UP at all, but I will definitely have content going up at a faster than usual pace.

Using two computers, my TV and consoles I plan to take in every Press Conference, liveblog and presentation I can next week and try to post stuff relevant to what we do here (and the odd trailer I just think is cool, heh). Specifically I'll be looking for news on new hardware and peripherals, educational titles and quality casual titles. Be sure to check out our RSS feed to keep up with what's going down at The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website Read More...

I added a random article generator to the left menu. In a couple weeks I'll be going offline for 2-3 days for maintenance. I'm looking in to getting a permanent community set up here too. I'm not sure if I want a full fledged forum, but I definitely want our readers to be able to connect to each other. It's a lot of work for one guy with no coding expertise to handle, but I'm getting slowly closer to where I want to be.

Health wise I've been doing alright. I had a pretty rough week at the beginning of the month. Spasms have been giving me digestive issues and generally making things miserable for the old body. It takes it's toll mentally, but I've also had some real emotional lifts lately so it's all working out.