Industry Events on our Radar for April and May 2009

Future Play LogoOn April 20 and 21, 2009, the 3D Training, Learning and Collaboration (3D TLC) event will be taking place in Washington, DC, to discuss business strategies and virtual worlds. The event which lists over 30 featured speakers will explore the general use of virtual worlds in the workplace to specific examples of applications for e-Learning, onboarding, sales training, collaboration, meetings, and more.

The Immersive Education Initiative will be holding its London, UK Summit on April 23-24, at the London School of Economics. This event will showcase new and emerging virtual worlds, learning games, educational simulations and share related tools, techniques, technologies, standards and best practices. The summit will feature presentations, panel discussions, break-out sessions and workshops that provide attendees with an in-depth overview of immersive learning platforms and technologies. Read More...

IBM will be holding two virtual world tours titled Inside the Virtual Forbidden City on April 28-29. IBM believes that virtual worlds are quickly becoming a powerful tool and hold promise for new or transformed applications that impact business and society. This event is meant to give participants a chance to discuss Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with IBM’s leading architects and strategists, while learning about case studies in action.

Co-located with the 4th Annual Apply Serious Games and Virtual Worlds Expo & Forum in London, UK, is the Low Carbon Learning & Communications Forum. This event, taking place on May 7, 2009, is the only one for professionals of all sectors who are looking to understand the emerging market for platforms delivering virtual classrooms and moving to a model of effective remote training, recruitment and communications, using the best mix of Web 2.0, immersive tools and processes.

The Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology 09 conference will be taking place in Singapore, May 11-12. This event strives to shed light on the deep sociological and design differences between the East and the West while exploring the challenges faced by the Asian gaming industry. Some presentations will touch on game-based learning, health and safety and motion control technology.

Presented in partnership with GDC Canada is Future Play 2009, a special forum taking place May 12-13 in Vancouver, Canada. This year, the event will explore the world of serious games and feature a series of influential speakers, panels and sessions. Peer-reviewed researchers from universities around the world will be presenting their findings on future game development, impacts and applications and future game talent.

Finally, on May 26, 2009, the 5th COGAIN Annual Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction will be taking place at the Technical University of Denmark. The event will focus on spreading the experiences of people using gaze interaction in their daily life to potential users and specialists who have yet to benefit from it. Discussed themes will include innovations in eyetracking systems, gaze-based interaction with virtual worlds and user experience studies.