Recent and Upcoming Industry Events Worth Noting

Triangle Game Conference LogoOn March 9 at the Microsoft offices in Mountain View, CA., Fountain Blue will present “Virtual Worlds: The Hype, The Reality, The In-Between”. The event will notably feature panelists from Microsoft, IBM, Second Life’s Linden Labs, who discussed the emergence of social virtual worlds as a cultural and business phenomenon.

On March 30 the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. will be hosting the panel “Virtual Worlds, the Origins and Evolution of a New Medium”. This special discussion will convene an in-person group of avatars of the medium of Social Virtual Worlds. Read More...

For more information on these and other virtual world panel discussions, visit the SDForum Virtual World SIG.

Starting April 29, the two-day Triangle Game Conference, in Raleigh, NC. will feature a learning exchange on market innovations, game development trends and the future of the video game industry. There will be five different panels on Game Technology, Game Design & Production, Serious Games & Advanced Learning Technologies, Games & Media, as well as on the Business of Games.

Under the serious games header, featured speakers will include Phaedra Boinodiris of IBM, Randy Brown of Virtual Heroes and Dinesh Manocha of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Last but not least, the 4th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Worlds Expo & Forum (ASG) is set to take place in London, UK on May 7. The event organized by the Apply Group brings together key stakeholders in serious games and virtual worlds and features more than a dozen high profile speakers.

The ASG was the first major conference of its type to emphasize bringing cross-functional experts together to explore the opportunities, effectiveness and challenges associated with building dynamic online and collaborative environments.

Wrapping up March 6, 2009 was the Serious Games Jam, a five day long collaborative online forum for those interested in the present and future of serious games. It explored five different sides of serious games: education, government, energy and utilities, health, and finance.

“In the current climate of economic instability, Serious Games can play a vital role in getting through tough times ahead. Organizations will face a balancing act of cutting costs whilst trying to maintain a productive and up-skilled workforce,” explains the Serious Games Jam website.

The information gathered through this Jam session will be analyzed and used to help steer developments through 2009. Other sessions are planned over the course of the year. Anyone can register for upcoming discussions, which are planned to take place on a quarterly basis.