I Really Do Love My 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XLYes, love. It's a powerful word usually reserved for people or maybe pets that are closest to you and not inanimate objects, however I have grown very attached to my 3DS XL in the relatively short time I've had it and, at this point in my gaming life, I simply cannot live without it. 

I've probably logged more hours on the solidly-built revision in the six weeks since I bought it than I did in the 20 or so months I owned the original 3DS. The bigger screens and more comfortable to hold form factor are large reasons for that of course, however it's the software that keeps me spending what little playtime I have these days with it in favour of my consoles or other mobile devices. Read More...


FWD Progress: Life Can Be a Distraction

Dad and BabyYou know all those people that say having a baby is hard work? They're right. When people say the time starts to fly by? It does. How about when they say it's the most rewarding experience you'll ever have? They are most certainly correct about that. I have never felt a feeling of love so great as when my baby girl smiles at me in the morning.

Our daughter Evelyne is almost seven months old and much of that time seems like a blur. I've taken on a lot of duties around the home in preparation for my role as stay-at-home dad and it feels like I'm always taking care of a chore, errand or meal, or that I'm too tired to move. This hasn't left any time to work on Game Forward content, but our little family is starting to develop a daily routine, which should afford me an hour or two a few times a week. Read More...

FWD Progress: Almost There

PlayStation Vita HardwareWell, we're less than two weeks away from our baby girl's due date and I couldn't be more excited (read: stressed and petrified). Preparing for her arrival hasn't left a lot of, if any time to work on Game Forward, but I decided to share some quick thoughts about what I've been playing over the last little while since I won't have the chance to write full reviews in the near future.

The PlayStation Vita launched last month and I've mostly enjoyed the time that I've had to spend with it. It's a fantastic piece of hardware with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a device released in 2012, though it unfortunately lacks the ability to pair a PS3 controller to it like the PSPGo, which was a great feature for gamers with limited dexterity. Read More...