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Game Forward LogoGame Forward (gamefwd) is an independent, family-run publication based in Ottawa, Canada. It was launched in January of 2008 as a hobbyist blog focussing on Game Accessibility by an avid gamer that was born with Cerebral Palsy. Game Forward quickly expanded its focus to include coverage of Serious Games, Health & Fitness Games, Educational & Training Games, and Virtual Worlds.

The website was created by Brian J. Papineau, who serves as the Editor-in-Chief and Administrator. Brian also writes the bulk of the video game reviews at Game Forward. His life partner Nathalie Caron is the Lead Writer for news and features and she is generally the point of contact for interviews because of a background in journalism. The couple spends countless hours playing, researching and writing about video games in their spare time and Game Forward has become something of a small business venture for them. Read More…

They chose the name Game Forward because they believe that areas like Serious Games, Virtual Worlds and Educational Games are what will evolve the video game industry beyond simple entertainment in the future. Health & Fitness Games are also becoming more prevalent as motion control gains popularity and these titles can change the way people look at video games. Universal Game Accessibility for gamers with physical or cognitive disabilities continues to be a struggle and Game Forward will do its part to vocalize the issue.

Game Forward also places a stong emphasis on digitally distributed content over traditional retail offerings and will continue to do so as the video game industry moves more and more towards a digital-only future.

In the near future, Game Forward will expand to include community features and a forum that will allow readers to share and discuss the subjects that the website covers.


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