I have been writing for Game Forward since its launch as The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website AbleGamers.com) in January 2008. I have developed a strong interest in technology reporting ever since my university days, where I studied print journalism. I  received my undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa, with great honours, in April 2007. I have also written online as a citizen journalist, I blog on occasion and write for a living as a correspondence writer.

I enjoy reporting on health and education themes for Game Forward, but also about politics and current affairs. When I am not writing, I spend much my of time playing video games (to be reviewed or not), listening to music, working and hanging out with Brian – my spouse and creator of Game Forward.

I suffer from depression, which I do my best to keep in check. However, this condition sometimes makes it difficult to commit to long term projects. There are times where I will start my day with a positive outlook, but a minor roadblock will cause me to reconsider everything, and see it all in a negative light. Gaming is a useful tool in dealing with this depression, as it provides a distraction from everyday disappointments. It also cheers me up to complete a level or a mission, on days when I feel like I’m failing everywhere else.

My favourite game is Animal Crossing, with its sweet and simple gameplay. I also like to watch Brian play role-playing games like Final Fantasy or Disgaea. I am not a big fan of action games, because I have difficulty controlling the camera without frustrating Brian (who watches patiently as I struggle!) I like puzzle games and self-improvement games the most.

I take interest in watching the video game industry grow as it increasingly takes disabled gamers into consideration. I also appreciate seeing the serious game industry become more influential.