Monopoly Review

Monopoly LogoThe first Monopoly game produced under the EA-Hasbro partnership is a bare-bones affair. The classic core gameplay is intact and we are introduced to the fast-paced Richest Mode, however there is little to justify the game’s $40 price point.

starts with two boards available to play on; the Classic board we grew up with and an all-new board based on the Here and Now: World Edition issued earlier in 2008. There are seven additional themed boards for players to unlock, complete with unique player tokens. Read More...

Mario Super Sluggers Review

Mario Super Sluggers LogoIn 2005, Namco Bandai brought Mario Superstar Baseball to the GameCube. Now a full three years later a sequel is available on Wii, though not much has changed at all since the last time the all-star plumber and his team took the field.

The bulk of the content in Mario Super Sluggers is found in its single-player Challenge Mode. This four to five hour adventure sees Mario traveling across the worlds of Baseball Kingdom recruiting players for his team in order to challenge Bowser Jr., who has invaded the peaceful kingdom built by Princess Peach. Read More...

Let's Pilates Review

Let's Pilates ReviewWhen I picked up Konami’s Let’s Pilates for the DS, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. To my surprise, the game is an excellent coach, complete with detailed instructions, good graphics and many other nice touches.

As the title implies, Let’s Pilates is an introduction to the exercise genre. It breaks down in three sections: Challenge, Quick Pilates and My Sets.

Challenge is the game’s main mode. Here you will learn many Pilates moves as a virtual instructor guides you step by step. Most are broken down in three variations, from easier to more demanding variations. These start out with basic forms like Iso Abs, where you learn to tighten your core muscles - something you will do in all Pilates. Read More...

Imagine: Fashion Designer Review

Imagine: Fashion Designer LogoUbisoft's Imagine: Fashion Designer for the Nintendo DS is a game mostly targeted towards pre-teen girls with a taste for design and fashion. But don't let the title fool you, creative minds need not apply.

Picking up this little game, I was expecting a fun time, playing around with virtual clothes and hair styles. While Imagine: Fashion Designer does offer that much, the presentation and game play prevent any kind of enjoyment.

The game essentially consists of a series of tasks requiring the player to reproduce the demands of photographers or designers. Read More...