Triple Shot Sports Review

Triple Shot Sports LogoThe iPhone/iPod Touch platform certainly has no shortage of sniper and shooting gallery games.  While these can be a fun distraction for a few minutes, they are often very simplistic. Veteran development house The Code Monkeys brings some realism to the platform with Triple Shot Sports; an Olympic style simulation of three archery, pistol and rifle shooting events.

Triple Shot Sports benefits from a clean graphical presentation and fills an underserved niche in the iPhone/iPod Touch library. Fans of real-life competitive target shooting will appreciate the game’s mechanics and attention to detail, however a high difficulty level and lack of detailed instructions for events may turn off a more casual crowd. Read More…

Belowscape Review

Belowscape LogoDual stick style shooters seem all-too common these days with little to distinguish themselves from each other. At this very moment, I have at least three such games installed on my iPod Touch.

Though Belowscape looks and plays like a laid-back Geometry Wars clone, its use of touch and tilt controls provide a simple yet elegant solution to a problem many iPhone/iPod Touch games of this genre fail to solve; the lack of tactile feedback from the device.

Dual stick style shooters can be adapted to play on platforms without two analog sticks and still be fun. This is evidenced by Everyday Shooter on PSP and Geometry Wars Galaxies on Wii and DS. The iPhone/iPod Touch platform hasn't fared as well up until this point. Read More...

Symbol6 Review

Symbol6 LogoThough there is not much content to it, Symbol6 is a polished and challenging puzzler worthy of iPhone and iPod Touch owner's attention. A team of five Icelandic developers known as Gogogic have designed the game specifically for the young gaming platform and utilize both touch and tilt controls without feeling gimmicky.

Symbol6 is played using a hexagonal platform which is separated into seven smaller hexagonal spaces, each occupied by a colour coded symbol. More symbols fly towards the hexagon from four sides and must be matched to those on the hexagon in order to score points. Read More...

Alphabetic Review

Alphabetic LogoAlphabetic, the first game from No Monkeys has an extremely simple concept that proves to be highly addictive. Players are tasked with finding the letters of the alphabet in various orders by tapping on the touch screen. The letters are jumbled in a number of ways and get harder to find as you progress through a game.

The presentation is sleek, the action is fast-paced and there’s enough variety to keep Alphabetic feeling fresh for hours.  Add online leaderboards to the package and you get a $2 game that is better than a lot of similar $20 games on other handhelds; one that I would consider a must-have. Read More…