Rock Vibe Project Seeks Support in New Fundraising Campaign

Rock Vibe LogoRock Vibe, an accessible music game designed for both blind and sighted players, is looking for donations in a second round of fundraising on the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. In addition to allowing its full development, the fundraising campaign aims to provide free copies of the game to organizations working with blind children.

Created by Rupinder Dhillon, Rock Vibe will allow visually impaired and sighted gamers to play together. "Currently, games developed for blind gamers don't create the environment for this," said Dhillon. "Oftentimes, they're too simplistic for sighted gamers." Read More...

FWD News: Console Games Show Interest in Accessibility

Hans Smith worked with Sony Entertainment of America to develop a one-botton mode in MLB: The Show.Out of a blossoming social conscience or perhaps as part of a market-growing strategy, an increasing number of console game developers are introducing accessibility features into their games, paying well-deserved attention to the needs of gamers of varying ability.

The latest example comes from Sony Computer Entertainment America. In a widely reported story, initially published in ESPN’s The Gamer blog, we have learned that the 2011 version of MLB: The Show on PlayStation 3 will feature an accessible one-button mode, thanks to the input of Hans Smith, a diehard baseball and St. Louis Cardinals fan living with cerebral palsy. Read More...

FWD News: The Gift of Gaming

QuasiCon Axis ControllerFor many individuals living with disabilities, getting or improving their access to video games can be a gift that keeps on giving. Just ahead of the 2010 holiday season, our friends at The AbleGamers Foundation announced the delivery of their first Assistive Technology grant through a partnership with Quasimoto Interactive, a specialty gaming cabinet designer and manufacturer.

Together they offered the means to improve access to mainstream gaming to a 13-year old girl from Cincinatti, Ohio, living with cerebral palsy. The foundation fulfilled this young girl’s gaming dream by offering her a QuasiCon Axis controller (PDF), thanks to a warm-hearted donation from Quasimoto. Read More...