Games in Healthcare

Health and Medical Games News Roundup: 11-02-2009

A Prostate Cancel CellThere has been a lot of news relating to health and medical technology and games in recent weeks. From video games for medical research and disease management to health education games, here is a summary of some of the stories which have caught our attention.

A new study by the University of Florida is looking to determine whether exergaming can have a positive impact on osteoarthritis. The disease is the most common form of arthritis, caused when joint cartilage wears down. Knee and hip joints are the most frequently affected by the disease. The research focuses on women between the ages of 50 and 70. Read More...

Playing Wii Can Earn Students Physical Education Credits

Students Actively Playing WiiThe University of Houston has introduced a brand new way to earn physical education credits. In the class entitled Wii Performance, students will learn how to improve their posture, centre of balance and their knowledge of health and fitness.

The class will use the games Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Dance Dance Revolution in addition to more traditional methods. Students will also take quizzes on health and nutrition and track their calorie intake and daily activities. Read More...

Football Players Use Video Games to Learn and Heal

PlayAction Simulator LogoVideo games are finding a growing place in professional and amateur football. While certain college football teams are using the hit EA SPORTS game Madden NFL to train their players, some pro players are training with video games to recover from injuries.

Released widely earlier in 2009, the Thunder PlayAction Simulator from XOS Technologies is helping football players learn and see their team’s playbook in 3D action. The system builds on the core technology behind the Madden NFL and NCAA Football games from EA SPORTS, with the latest version supporting every position on the field from quarterback to tight end.

Already used by the LSU Tigers, Oregon Ducks, Arizona Wildcats, Cincinnati Bearcats, Colorado Buffaloes and Tennessee Volunteers college football programs, XOS is hoping to see NFL teams use the simulator as well. Read More...

Nintendo Wii, DS Used to Treat Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson's

Didget from BayerResearchers from Bayer HealthCare, the American Heart Association and the Medical College of Georgia have developed new tools for Nintendo’s main gaming platform, Wii, as well as the DS handheld to help address health issues like Diabetes, first aid, Parkinson’s Disease and depression.

Bayer has launched the Didget, a glucose meter for kids living with diabetes which plugs into a DS or DS Lite. The device includes a game called Knock 'Em Downs: The World's Fair, an adventure game that gets progressively unlocked as children monitor their blood sugar levels. Read More...