Games in Education

Tabula Digita’s DimensionM Receives Further Recognition

DimensionM ScreenshotTabula Digita announced in early May that its DimensionM educational game series had been successfully reviewed by the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) as meeting the criteria for social content compliance.

The CLRN is an information source for California educators looking for high-quality electronic learning resources for their classrooms. This positive review signifies that DimensionM is aligned with the California Content Standards.

“CLRN prides itself on recognizing emerging instructional tools that promise to be highly relevant and engaging to the learner,” said Kelley Day, program manager for the California Learning Resource Network, in a news release. “The DimensionM games mark the first time CLRN reviewed a content rich video game and it definitely set the bar high for educational games and simulations in K-12 education.” Read More...

Educational Game Site Helps Students Fight Bullying

Braincells LogoA new educational website is showing students some valuable skills to fend off real-life and cyberbullies. Developed by LiveWires Design, Braincells uses quizzes, activities and mini-games to give teens a better understanding of just how serious hacking and bullying can be.

Told through sets of photo animations is the story of Oliver, a nerdy boy entering high school who is bullied by an older-boy, Eddie. Mini-games accompany each section of the site which is broken down into Hacking, Bullying and Cyberbullying areas. Read More...

Game Teaches Teens Stock Market Basics

A Student Using Global NationStudents in Free Enterprise (SIFE) from Blue Ridge Community College have created an educational game to teach high school students about financial markets. Global Nation is meant to give players a better understanding of how economic events can affect a country’s business environment, the country itself, the world and their own portfolios.

"Subprime mortgage, credit restrictions, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan — these are all things kids hear about in the news yet they don't know how it affects them," said Rebecca M. Evans, associate professor of accounting at Blue Ridge and business and SIFE advisor.

In Global Nation students receive $10,000 to invest and create their own portfolio using commodities manufactured and produced in the United States.  By increments of $500 they invest in everything from oil to corn to cattle to travel. With a roll of the dice, positive and negative events will occur impacting each player differently. The game can be played individually or in teams. Read More...

PlayMancer Project Targets Health Care with Serious Games

PlayMancer LogoThe European-funded PlayMancer project is working on revolutionizing the way health care is provided. By using existing video game engines, it is developing a way for players living with certain medical conditions to seek treatment, through the game world.

The project focuses on supporting the development of “universally accessible games” so that players of all abilities can use them, especially for physical rehabilitation. Its main goal is to shorten the serious game production chain by basing it on generative modelling, therefore making it more cost effective. In turn, it will make it cheaper to offer a full-fledged, pre-designed gaming world. Read More...