Voice Recognition Technology Revolutionizes Gaming

Tom Clancy's EndWarVoice activated games are relatively new in the media world, but featured in such popular titles as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Rock Band, Fonix Speech's VoiceIn is a radically effective voice command and recognition technology which adds new depth to gaming.

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Fonix Speech has been specializing in speech recognition and text-to-speech technology since 1994. Its VoiceIn system has been a key element of several popular video game titles in recent years working with leading developers Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Read More...

Brain Reading Technology No Longer Science Fiction

Emotiv EPOCIn the world of new technology, not much can rival a device that would read the human mind. Soon available to the public is such a device, Emotiv’s EPOC. While it currently targets video gaming, it might one day become an indispensable tool in other areas as well.

The device, a streamlined electroencephalographic (EEG) headset made up of 14 sensors, tunes into electric signals naturally produced by the brain. These signals are then interpreted as one of 30 programmed emotions, after the company carefully narrowed and mapped them out. Read More...

Virtual Worlds Bring Added Value to Business Resources

A Meeting Using the OLIVE PlatformIn the current economy, businesses are wise to seek new and improved ways to stretch their dollars. For those with the capital to invest, virtual worlds offer an incredible resource for real-time collaboration beyond local office space and international borders.

The three-dimensional environments bring workers together virtually, allowing them to share and collaborate as if they literally sat across from each other. Though the technology continues to be fine-tuned, the potential of virtual worlds for businesses goes as far as the mind can reach.

As virtual worlds expert Nick Wilson explained to Game Forward, the main value of these meeting spaces is to complement real-world business by reducing costs and increasing productivity, reach and organizational effectiveness. But before a company decides to jump into virtual world technology, several important factors must be considered, as each world available on the market offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Read More...