Serious Game Tackles Violent Behaviour Against Women

A South African StudentCan video games help prevent violent behaviour? A team of student developers at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center in Vermont is counting on it. The group is currently working on a game with that mission in mind, which specifically aims to teach young boys ages 8-10 that violence towards women should not be tolerated. Though the game would ideally be transferable to other cultures its initial research focused on a South African audience.

The development team made up of art and marketing majors as well as programmers and electronic game designers from the college is working in partnership with the international Population Media Center. The project has received significant financial support from the United Nations Population Fund, with a $200,000 grant. Read More...

Video Games Create a New, Richer Learning Experience

Hilton's Ultimate Team PlayThe concept of video game-based learning is gaining ground all over the world. Whether it is for surgeons in training, or to assist younger students in developing their grasp of math and science, this method is increasingly used to create a richer learning experience and to put the power in the students’ hands.

One recent example comes from IBM which has developed a serious video game titled Innov8. The game is currently used by more than 300 business students at San Francisco State University, San Jose State University and the University of Southern California to teach Business Process Management, a field of information technology.

Innov8 recreates real-world business challenges using a video game environment to facilitate understanding between business leaders and IT teams in an organization. Sam Gill, professor of information systems at San Francisco State University is one of the educators currently using the game to raise interest in his students. Read More...

The Access Controller Unboxed: Photos and Impressions

The Access Controller package contentsDesigned by acclaimed console modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn (BenHeck), The Access Controller is a modular, single-handed control solution designed primarily for people with physical disabilities and brought to mass-market by peripheral manufacturer eDimensional.

We received our unit today, so I finally got to get my hand on it. I wanted to take a picture of the unit in its box, but our friends at the Canadian Border Services Agency felt that they needed to open and subsequently rip the packaging. I took a picture of the unit, the contents of the full package and one of each of the interchangeable modules. Check out my initial impressions. Read More...