Decoding Biology with Spongelab Interactive

Spongelab Interactive LogoSince 2007, Spongelab Interactive has been working in the IT-based education field, notably developing games which have received positive feedback from students and experts alike. 

With its latest release entitled History of Biology, the Canadian company is now getting students to take a look at some of the great moments in the advancement of biology. Game Forward had the opportunity to evaluate the game and to speak with one of the co-founders of Spongelab, Dr. Jeremy Friedberg. Read More...

Initiatives Promote Video Games in Education

Children Playing GamesResearchers at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center have recently released a report arguing that investments in research-based video games can play a cost-effective role in revolutionizing children’s health and learning. The group asks teachers, policy makers and healthcare professionals to embrace the medium despite some of bad press it has occasionally received.

“Games are here to stay and offer the country a rare opportunity to leverage children’s already established enthusiasm in order to reform education,” states the report, titled Game Changer: Investing in Digital Play to Advance Children's Learning and Health. Read More...

Educational Game Hits and Misses on the iPhone and iPod Touch

The Apple App Store LogoThe iPhone/iPod Touch platform sports an overwhelming offering of applications and games. Game Forward decided to find and briefly review some of the platform’s most interesting educational games released in recent months.

The selection process was long and tedious, considering the large number of categories available and the sheer number of software released on a daily basis. We decided to look at the following six games for their creative appeal, educational effectiveness and overall entertainment value. Read More…