FWD Progress: The Deluge of Information

Poncho Wearring Journalists are Introduced to KinectWell here we are again. For all intents and purposes, E3 2010 is under way. On Sunday, June 13 Microsoft herded members of the gaming press into a theatre in Los Angeles for the much-publicized premiere of the controller-free input method now known as Kinect. The event will be televised on Monday, June 14 and is available in Canada on Spike TV.

Judging by some of the reactions of those in attendance, including the apparent early departure of legendary producer Tomanobu Itagaki, Kinect will probably not be for everyone. Common complaints include the fact that software demos were pre-recorded and that the control method suffers from a significant input lag. Of course, I’m holding out hope and will reserve judgment until I can wave my own hands in front of it. I won't even comment on the "interactive ponchos". Read More…

FWD Progress: A Great Month Past, Another Ahead

3D Dot Game Heroes in Very CharmingMay of 2010 was a great month at Game Forward. We managed to get three solid event preview features and one about a cool rehabilitation technology together, which in turn generated a bit more traffic than usual. We also published a couple of reviews and one of Nathalie’s news round-up posts did rather well. I’m sure that regular readers know that we offset our costs primarily through page impressions and ad clicks, meaning the bump in traffic made us a few extra bucks too.

The month of May, normally about the time that the traditional “summer drought” sets in, was also a surprisingly solid one for retail titles. Nathalie and I started playing a few for our own enjoyment, though these days I find it next to impossible not to be critical and at the very least take notes about the games we buy. We started playing one game for each console; 3D Dot Game Heroes, Alan Wake and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Read More…

Heavy Disappointment, Heavy Relief

Ethan Mars from Heavy RainI got up today expecting to play through the last hour or two of Heavy Rain. I had enjoyed the game very much until this point despite some rather large flaws; including unnatural character interaction, robotic non-player character behaviour, severe screen tearing and questionable voice acting.

I was willing to look past these technical problems and the paper-thin murder mystery that culled too many elements of movies like Saw and The Game because I was genuinely attached to the characters, especially Ethan, and wanted to see the conclusion of the myriad of choices I‘d made until that point.  Today, the game refused to load the chapter I left off on last night and crashed my PS3 to the point of the XMB not responding and me having to manually shut down the system. Read More...