SEGA Superstars Tennis: On Paper it Sounds Great

SEGA Superstars TennisIn practice though, not so much. I had every intention of giving this title a full review. I was sort of out of town for half my rental period though (hey, we're just starting, no review copies just yet) so I couldn't give it a fair shake. I did play enough to tell you that it feels like a complete wasted opportunity though.

I've never been much of a SEGA fanboy at all, but the concept behind the title still piqued my interest. Take the Mario sports formula of tossing a bunch of SEGA mascots, wacky courts and power-ups and add the Wii Sports controls and call it a game. It really does sound like a great idea on paper and Sumo Digital, the developer behind this game has an excellent track record with tennis games (Virtua Tennis). I guess all of that is what made SEGA Superstars Tennis such a disappointment for me. Read More...