Puzzle Quest Galactrix Impressions

Puzzle Quest Galactrix LogoI had a chance to start into the DS version of Infinite Interactive’s follow-up to the highly addictive 2007 puzzle/RPG hybrid over the past weekend. It will probably take me months to get through Galactrix so I've decided to just write up impressions based on the three or four hours I’ve spent with it so far.

The first thing to note about Puzzle Quest Galactrix is that both the field of play and gems have changed from square to hexagonal shapes. The other major change is that new gems enter the play field based on where you clear them out instead of always coming in from the top. The basic match-three gameplay remains intact and addictive as ever, though the new space-themed wrapper looses some of the original’s charm. Read More...

We Got an iPod Touch and I Have Impressions

The Back of Our Engraved iPod TouchWe at Game Forward have (finally) gotten our hands on a brand-new iPod Touch. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it over the past couple days, so I figured I’d type up some general impressions before diving into game reviews.

This is one slick little device. The OS runs incredibly well and smoothly and the size and weight of the iPod Touch feel just right to me. I was very pleased to learn that I did not have to pay to update the firmware to allow me to use the App Store. I had honestly forgotten that they put out a second generation iPod Touch with an integrated speaker and updated firmware.

Setting up the Wi-Fi connection was a breeze and required nothing more than inputting a password. I was able to browse the web with Safari, check my Gmail account and look at YouTube within minutes. Read More...

I Have to Play and Write All That?

The Able Gamer LogoYou may have noticed that Nathalie's been writing the bulk of our content these past couple weeks. She's certainly keeping me posting and editing articles at a good pace anyways.

I've been working on more back-end stuff around here, getting ready for my "2.5" upgrade soon. Besides that though I've been playing quite a few titles for review. Depending on how my arms want to co-operate I plan on having 3-7 reviews go up in the next 10 days.

I played through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed last week. This and Lego Batman, which I'm working on now will be my first two "mainstream" reviews for The Able Gamer (not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by AbleGamers Foundation, Inc. or its website I've been punishing myself with Mega Man 9 on WiiWare all week, as well as another blood pressure raising title - WipEout HD. Rounding out the slate are two retail Wii titles; Wario Land: Shake It! and the quirky de Blob. Read More...