How I Make Playing Wii More Accessible for Me

A Wii RemoteLike many gamers that live with physical disabilities, I have had my fair share of difficulty with many of the non-traditional control schemes that have become synonymous with Wii software since the console was launched almost three years ago.

Whether coming to grips with the Nunchuck attachment or simply using the pointer of the Wii Remote, sometimes it has been difficult and frustrating for me to play Wii because of the limited dexterity of my left hand associated with Cerebral Palsy and the Arthritis in my hands and arms. I wanted to share a few simple tricks that I use to help me enjoy playing Wii, even on days that my body doesn’t want to co-operate. Read More…

I Want a DS Player for Wii

Super Game BoyI’ve been saying this amongst friends for a while now, but I’m almost amazed that Nintendo hasn’t yet introduced a DS player for Wii, similar to the Game Boy Player for GameCube or Super Game Boy for the SNES.

Sure, they’d look a bit ugly on an HDTV, but there are plenty of games in the Nintendo DS library that I’d love to play on the couch with Nathalie beside me. RPG titles come to mind first because; well that’s what I mostly play on the DS. I’d much rather play something like Dragon Quest V on the couch for an evening with some company to share the experience with rather than alone in a corner or something.  Family time is important to me, so I’m less likely to play a solitary handheld game than one I can play on the TV with other people around. Read More...

PSP Go Impressions: A Pseudo-Review

A White PSP Go - ClosedOpinions about the newly redesigned, download-only handheld from Sony seem to be polarized after its first week of release. While many fans are finding a lot to like about the PSP Go, retailers are complaining that they can’t sell games for it and some in the UK have even slashed the price of the console in an effort to move units.

Game Forward
had the opportunity to get a PSP Go during its launch window and despite a few shortcomings, we are very satisfied with our purchase. The system is sleek, light and surprisingly comfortable to hold during extended play sessions. The display is simply the best among the current generation of handhelds and the ability to use a PlayStation 3 controller with it essentially turns the PSP Go into an ultra-portable console. Read More…